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If like us you have to deliver multimedia presentations at different venues, the amount of equipment you have to lug about starts to become a real issue. For over a year we have been using one of these types of speakers when running multimedia presentations. The WOWee One Classic is very portable, can be recharged via your laptop’s USB port and is very easy to use.


But the really clever bit is the patented Gel Audio driver the WOWee One uses to turn surfaces into sound. As a result we have found it is far louder and easier to hear than our conventional laptop speakers and we have used it in small to medium sized meeting rooms to good effect. Oh and as you would expect, the WOWee One Classic is good for music too!


So have a look at our video review to make your own mind up. And don’t forget to click on the link below if you want to learn more about the WOWee One Classic or buy one directly from the manufacturer and take advantage of a special offer (see below).

WOWee One Classic, portable speaker

Current list price £49.99 inc VAT


Special offer for gear4presentations viewers...

If you purchase your WOWee One Classic directly from the manufacturer’s website, make sure you copy and paste gear4presentationswoweeone in the “Promotional Order Code” box on the order page as it entitles you to a free carry case with your order worth £9.99 and we will receive a small commission to help fund this website (see our review policy for more details)


Here is the link to the manufacturers website