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The UBoard which is marketed in the UK by CIE Group offers the ideal solution for the travelling trainer/presenter, those who need flexibility of where their interactive whiteboard is located or an organisation on a tight budget.


UBoard allows you to quickly convert a conventional whiteboard or other suitable flat light coloured surface into a fully functioning whiteboard. It can create an interactive area up to a massive 120 inch diagonal size! All you need is a laptop or MacBook and an ordinary multimedia projector! (we even tested it with the 3M MP180 pocket projector and it worked really well with that too).


UBoard penAt the heart of this product is an electronic pen which emits ultrasound signals that are picked up by the UBoard station which you stick onto the surface you want to turn into a whiteboard. The pen is rechargeable from you computer’s USB port.


There are 2 versions of the UBoard, the wired version and a wireless version. In our detailed video review we test the wireless version. Having been involved in designing and delivering business presentations for many years this product was really put through its paces over the last month... and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.


To make the UBoard work accurately it needs to be calibrated properly... fortunately, it is really easy to recalibrate if you do get it wrong (see our video to see how it is done). The only minor issue is that if you change presenters and the other person holds the pen differently to you e.g. if they hold the pen in the other hand to you, the UBoard may have to be recalibrated.


UBoard station and componentsThe UBoard kit can fit in your laptop bag, and allow you to not only deliver a presentation using an interactive whiteboard, but also capture what you write as a short video with sound (screen capture) or a set of JPEG images to send to others later or keep as a record. Having been involved in Knowledge Transfer projects in the past, these features are ideal to help capture the thoughts of technical experts... so that their explanations can be played back later to others or incorporated into a PowerPoint training presentation.


So if you want an interactive whiteboard kit which can be easily moved from one location to another, and don’t want to break the bank, we’d suggest you give the UBoard portable interactive whiteboard kit a try.

UBoard portable interactive whiteboard kit review

List price £500 plus VAT (Wired version)

List price £650 plus VAT (wireless version... as tested)


To find out more about the UBoard from CIE group click here