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Have you ever thought about adding some music or a short music intro to one of your videos, podcasts or presentations? If you want to use someone else’s composition you may get into all sorts of issues about royalties etc. Using a well known tune could therefore become very costly.

In this video we look at an inexpensive alternative to using someone else’s music... Create your own. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be able to play an instrument! All you need is a bit of an ear for what you want to do and then drag and drop various pre-recorded sound samples onto a timeline.

The software loops are all royalty free and you can use them wherever you want... So you can post videos containing this music on YouTube, your website, podcast, exhibition stand etc without having to worry about legal issues or fees.

Music you can use wherever you want!

Sony Acid Music Studio 8 current list price from £44.95 Plus VAT (for download)


The Sony Acid Music Studio 8 software is available from numerous suppliers. To find out more from the manufacturer go to the Sony website using this link


The above price was  correct as at 22nd May 2011 (please check price before purchasing).


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