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If you are looking to create nice crisp, dry vocals for voice-over work , eLearning or vocals generally, you will soon realise that even in a recording studio it is difficult to get it just right.


If you have a less than perfect setup, reflected sound from your own vocals can bounce around the room and add room ambience to your recordings which can make them sound quite amateurish... like you are in a slightly echoey room.


Like many people out there in order to save money I have spent many, many hours trying to design my own portable vocal booth using instructions on the web as well as making one that looked similar to the Reflexion filter... but they just didn’t sound right.


I then took the plunge and bought one of the cheaper portable vocal booths that looked like the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter for about half the price. And because I had spent money on one, I kept kidding myself that because it looked right, it was doing the job... how wrong I was!


sE Reflexion Filter with sE USB2200a microphoneIn the summer of 2011 sE Electronics loaned me an sE Reflexion Filter PRO. At first I couldn’t hear much difference and I had quite a few chats with James Ishmaev-Young their MD about my concerns. He was adamant that their product really worked. In the end he suggested that I tried a simple test... put my head into the curved area of their filter and speak and then try the same with the other look-alike product.


The cheaper look-alike coloured the sound, it sounded boomy and less distinct... the sound quality had actually deteriorated!


The sE Reflexion Filter PRO sounded drier but still remained clear.


But in my recordings it didn’t seem to sound much different. It was only when I got a decent pair of monitor headphones that I could hear what was going on.


sE Reflexion Filter PRO showing panel detailThe effect of the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO is subtle, it is not an isolation booth, so it will have only a small effect on external stray noises. What it will do though is reduce reflected sound by effectively absorbing it at source, whilst at the same time barely having any effect on the colour of the sound being recorded (which is exactly what you want).


But if you are recording in a really echoey room, it will struggle to cope with excessive reflected sounds.


So if you don’t have a proper studio, use a room with plenty of soft furnishings to help reduce room ambience to a manageable level and then use this product to add the final polish to your recordings.


When you process the sound recorded using the Reflexion Filter or compress it into smaller file sizes, because it is cleaner sound in the first place, it still sounds better further down the line.

sE Reflexion Filter PRO clamp detailThis product has been properly tested in an anechoic chamber and as a result, it not only looks right, it actually does the job it is supposed to do without any detrimental effect on the original recording quality or microphone polar pattern. It uses 6 layers of absorption materials to achieve this and unlike many of the other competitor products out there it is patented too.


The Reflexion Filter PRO features numerous adjustments for height, microphone position and angle too, so it should suit most recording applications.


So what is the verdict... well, put it this way, I have now bought one... enough said!

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO review

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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO typically retails for around £230 including VAT


The sE Reflexion Filter PRO is available from numerous suppliers. To find out more from the manufacturer go to the sE Electronics website using this link


The above price was correct as at 3rd December 2011 (please check price before purchasing).


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