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WOWee One Classic

WOWee One Classic portable speaker

This mini speaker enables trainers and presenters to give multimedia presentations with sound... And of course it’s great when linked to your ipod for playing music in your hotel room afterwards!


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Fellowes Booklift Copyholder

Portable lectern for trainers & presenters

If you regularly use speaker notes when delivering your presentations, you may find this idea for a take anywhere portable lectern really useful. Just store it in the back pocket of your laptop bag and always be prepared!

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Fellowes Booklift

An introduction to visualisers

If you are looking for a way to add some real visual spontaneity to your sales, marketing, or technical presentations... you may find a visualiser fits the bill. This type of product is popular amongst colleges and universities. In this review I’ll show you how good ones are like the “Swiss Army Knives” of presentation tools!

Fellowes Laptop GoRiser

Lap support for your laptop!

If you have to make amendments to your presentations at airports, on trains or at hotels and there isn’t a table nearby, here’s a great product. It lets you use your laptop on your lap without overheating your computer or your knees! It also folds flat for storing in your laptop bag.

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Laptop security

Presentation equipment security tips

In this video we look at security measures you can take to help safeguard your important presentation equipment as well as details of a free security registration scheme. So if you have to travel with your presentation equipment, make sure you watch this video.

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Kensington Clicksafe security lock

Kensington ClickSafe security lock

Following on from our video about presentation equipment security, we look at the latest security lock from Kensington. This lock can be attached to laptops and other valuable presentation equipment without using the key. And is their most secure lock yet!

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Fellowes Booklift

Adjustable height Presenter’s seat

If you deliver training courses or presentations which last for half a day or more, we have found an inexpensive adjustable height seat which gives you a commanding view of the audience... and it can be carried in the boot of your car!

3M MP180 pocket projector

3M MP180 Pocket Projector New video added

In this review we give a detailed guided tour of the latest pocket projector for business presentations from 3M, as well as trying it out at a business venue. It has onboard memory, viewer files for popular file formats, web browser and blue tooth connectivity.


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UBoard interactive whiteboard kit

UBoard portable interactive whiteboard kit

In this video review we show the UBoard in action together with full description of what you get in the box. Being portable it means you can take it to venues and you don’t need a special projector or whiteboard to make it work.

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