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To sit or stand to present... that is the question!

Although standing during a presentation makes you easier to see and hear as well as putting you in control... it is also very tiring if you have to present this way for any length of time. Unfortunately if you sit down, it just doesn’t work as well if you are at the same level as the audience.

Watch this video to see the portable solution I have found... it’s an adjustable height seat and it won’t break the bank either! This seat doesn’t come from the presentation industry, yet it is ideal for the travelling presenter and trainer as it fits in the boot of most cars.

Adjustable-height presenter’s seat

Leifheit Multi-seat Niveau current price £32.99 inc VAT for white seat and £35.99 inc VAT for the silver grey seat (delivery extra)


The above prices were correct as at 5th May 2011 (please check price before purchasing). To purchase go to the Philip Morris website


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