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In this video we look at ways to help prevent presentation equipment from being stolen by opportunist thieves when you deliver presentations at venues away from the office. We briefly cover how to make sure you can carry on with a presentation if your laptop is stolen or breaks down and how to increase the chances of your equipment being recovered by the Police if it is stolen.

Whilst a lot of these tips are common sense, it’s worth spending a few minutes to watch this video to make sure you are aware of some of the risks and how to reduce the chances of your equipment going missing when you are on your travels.

Many of these tips apply to sales, marketing and technical teams as well as trainers, presenters and those in education.

Laptop and presentation equipment security tips

Register your valuable equipment now free of charge by going to:

This site allows anyone to register their valuables which includes business and private property. If they go missing you can instantly tell police, insurers, and the second-hand trade. By using immobilise you stand a far better chance of getting your valuables back and help the Police capture the thieves.


Police forces in the UK and US check serial numbers against this database whenever they find suspected stolen goods, so even if you haven’t yet reported them missing, they can check who should own them.


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