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In this video we look at the Kensington ClickSafe security lock for securing your laptop and other presentation equipment when delivering presentations. This product has a number of innovative features including a slimline lock head for attaching to thinner laptops, a unique anchor point which allows you to push the lock into place without having to use the key (great for encouraging staff to lock up their important equipment)... and beefed up security.

Kensington claim this lock is their most secure yet and is virtually impossible to pick as it utilises a disc style lock. Before buying one though, make sure your equipment has a kensington slot, most laptops do but some Apple products don’t!

Watch the video below see a full review of how it works and don’t forget to look at our video about presentation equipment security for other tips about protecting your valuable presentation equipment.

Kensington ClickSafe security lock

Price around £40.00 for the single lock and £49.00 for the Twin version

To find out more from the manufacturer about the ClickSafe go to the Kensington website using this link


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