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If you thought that PowerPoint was the only presentation tool, think again. A good quality visualiser can be really useful and versatile and can add spontaneity to your important presentations. Visualisers tend to be most regularly used at schools, colleges and universities. However, they are extremely versatile and are just as useful to business too, yet few businesses use them. Sometimes visualisers are called document viewers and this description really doesn’t do a good quality visualiser justice.

Visualisers utilise a digital video camera to focus on the object to be projected or shown on a large TV screen. Many allow a laptop to be connected so they can seamlessly switch between PowerPoint and the visualiser image. If you are responsible for delivering scientific, technical or product launches watch our video to see how a visualiser can bring your presentations to life. In this video we will use a Wolfvision VZ8Light to illustrate some of the capabilities of a good quality visualiser.

An introduction to visualisers

Visualisers range in price from several hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. The Wolfvision product featured in this video costs around £2500 plus VAT


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