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How many times have you turned up to a presentation venue only to discover that they don't have a lectern for supporting your speaker notes? The answer from our experience is... most of the time! So a portable lectern may be just what you need.

If you are one of those people who need loads of supporting notes because your presentations are very detailed or you need something to prompt you to keep your nerves at bay, this little gadget is a real godsend. Its called the Fellowes Booklift Copyholder (or document holder) and is normally used for propping up books. In fact it can support quite large books, is surprisingly sturdy and is really useful for A4 ring binders full of speaker notes.

Watch our video to see how it can be used as a versatile lectern, which most importantly can be folded flat and dropped into your laptop bag. We’ve used one of these for quite a few years now and would never travel without it when delivering presentations and training courses!

Portable lectern for trainers and presenters

Price around £10.00 inc VAT


The Fellowes Booklift is widely available from office equipment suppliers. To find out more from the manufacturer go to the Fellowes website using this link


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